Residential Turf Supply and Installation

West coast Turf supplies all turf varieties to homes across Western Australia.

We are able to dig out and dispose of your old lawn and garden beds in preparation for your new roll on or shredded turf installation. We are also able to supply and prepare new soil and sand, please let us know your requirements beforehand.

Our professional and educated staff will guide you on caring for your lawn and best practices. Our turf laying and caring guide outlines how to ensure a healthy and long lasting lawn.

Roll on Lawn Perth

West Coast turf stocks three roll on lawn varieties suitable for residential homes. These include: Buffalo Grass, Couch Grass and Kikuyu Grass.

All three varieties are low to medium maintenance for residential owners. West Coast Turf’s roll on lawn is able to be installed to all residential homes across Western Australia, if you are unsure on what is the best roll on lawn for your home contact us today for a consultation.

Lawn Removal and Installation Price

Neergabby soft leaf buffalo

Neergabby soft leaf buffalo

“Dog Resistant Grass”

There Is no such thing as a “dog resistant grass”.  Your dog will wear out your grass through either digging holes or repeatedly running over the same areas, which is exacerbated by other conditions such as lack of water and nutrients or not enough sunlight, e.g. too much shade.  Here at West Coast turf we are working in conjunction with Poly Fabrics Australia to be able to reduce the stress on your lawn from your dog digging and repeatedly running over the same area. Their Product TERRAM TurfProtecta™ mesh is simple to install. The sward grows through the mesh apertures and knits with the filaments to create a strong, discreetly reinforced surface which is capable of withstanding vehicle loads, limiting damage and helping to reduce compaction.

The grass can be mown, rolled and fertilised as usual during this period. The mesh soon becomes unobtrusive. The mesh can also be installed onto newly-landscaped areas and seeded as required. It is best to put the mesh on top of the lawn so to best protect the new root mat however if necessary as seen in the pictures it can be installed under your new lawn.

It is strongly advised that installation is carried out during the growing season to allow the sward to knit with the mesh prior to allowing traffic to use the area. This would normally be after a few weeks during the growing season. Immediate use could restrict growth and limit the effectiveness of the installation.

Carrington Dog Park Nedlands

Area Prepared by West Coast Turf, “Turf Protecta” and “Zulu Kikuyu” roll on lawn Installed by West Coast Turf.

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