We have been supplying and installing high-quality weed-free turf for commercial and residential use for over 26 years.


Turf Supply and Installation

Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation

We can supply the turf, soil, sand and all associated earthworks.

Commercial lawn installation

Commercial Lawn Installation


Our Lawn Variety’s

Village Green Lawn

Village Green

Soft to the Touch, Hard Wearing and green through winter

Zulu Kikuyu turf

Zulu Kikuyu

Wonderfully Soft, Hard Wearing, and a brilliant winter colour.

Buffalo Lawn

Neergabby Buffalo

Soft leaf buffalo, highly shade tolerant and hard wearing.

Santa anna couch lawn

Santa Anna couch

Super soft and very fine leafed

Plateau Lawn

Plateau couch

Super soft, low maintenance & a Farm Favourite

wintergreen couch

Wintergreen couch

Soft, fine leafed and the most drought tolerant lawn on the market



Other Services



We specialise in old lawn removal, soil & and sand supply and general earthworks.

Lawn Removal.JPG

Lawn Removal

Our Lawn Dig out and disposal prices cant be beaten Call Now to organise a free quote or go to our “Online Quote” page.

Soil Delivery

Soil/Sand Delivery

We’ve chosen the best products in Perth for you order online to get phenomenal delivery prices.



Lawn Care Products

New Lawn Starter Pack - Bi - Agra, Aqua force, Turf start Fertiliser.

Give your new lawn the best start in its new home. With this combo pack your lawn will send roots deeper and faster. Ensuring a shorter establishment time and thus coping with those warmer days.

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Lawn Installation Perth
from 225.00

We have been installing lawn for over 26 years, so if you would like to do the soil preparation yourself and have us just supply and install your new lawn then we can accommodate your budget and ensure that you get value for money on your new lawn installation.

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Terms and Conditions

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Aqua Force Premium wetting Agent

If you are installing a new lawn in Perth then using a good quality wetting agent is Key. West Coast Turf recommend that you use a Wetting at least once every season. However For the Lawn enthusiast to ensure even, deep water penetration then a good quality wetting agent should be applied every month.

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Turf installation

Turf Protecta

Dog Digging or destroying you lawn. Install “Turf Protecta” and protect your lawn from destructive dogs.

Bi-agra, Soil Improver, Water Retention

• Bi-Active formula improves water utilization

• Can retain up to 5 times the amount of water compared to untreated areas

• Aids in reducing the frequency of irrigation

• Environmentally friendly

• Easy hose on application

• 2 litres treats 150 sq metre

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Turf Knife

save time and use what the professionals use. Yours for just $15 when you order your roll on lawn.


Turf Start Fertiliser

Get your Lawn off to a good start purchase a bag of turf start fertiliser when you order your roll on lawn. (comes free when we install your lawn)

West Coast Turf

jumbo turf rolls being harvested.

jumbo turf rolls being harvested.

West Coast Turf is one of Western Australia’s leading turf suppliers for residential and commercial use. We currently grow three high-quality turf varieties including Buffalo Grass, Couch Grass and Kikuyu Grass.  All turf is grown at our Turf Farm in Gingin Brook, 1 hour out of Perth.

Our turf farm was started in 1993 by Greg and Kerrin Kirkwood, former Livestock and Grain farmers from the south west of WA.

Today, West Coast Turf consists of 3 turf farms and with Greg having retired, Greg's sons Darren And Jason are now running the family business. With over 25 years experience, it’s safe to say we know a little about the turf industry!

Zulu Kikuyu being Harvested on the West Coast Turf, Turf Farm.

Darren Kirkwood (President of the Turf Growers Association) is the Farm Manager, ensuring that West Coast Turf continues to produce quality turf at an affordable price. Jason (a former apprentice of the year winner for West Australia in Sports Turf Management) is the Operations Manager, responsible for all of the turf installation work.

We specialise in both residential and commercial turf installations.

Turf Supply and Installation

West coast turf caters for turf projects of all sizes, ranging from 10m² to 100,000m².  We do turf installations across the Perth Metro area and the southwestern region of Western Australia. We also have capacity to deliver to transport companies for distribution anywhere across Western Australia, including regional areas. Turf is able to be supplied as roll on lawn or shredded.

We are experienced with projects of all sizes including our recent turf installations at the following locations around Perth.

kings park, zulu kikuyu

kings park, zulu kikuyu

  • Kings Park where we regularly supply and install Zulu Kikuyu including 1000m² annually of Jumbo Zulu Kikuyu.

  • Busselton Playing Fields where we supplied and installed 46000m² of Zulu kikuyu and 400m² of washed wintergreen couch for there cricket wicket.

  • Mills Park Beckenham where we supplied 40,000m² of Village Green Kikuyu.

  • Cambrai Retirement Village where we installed 4,000m² of roll-on Santa Ana couch for their lawn Bowling, croquet field and surrounds.

  • Clarkson Shopping Centre where we installed 20,000m² of stolonised Winter Green for the shopping centre surrounds.

  • Brighton Sub Division at Quinns Rocks where we installed 30,000m² of roll-on Winter Green for the estate entrances and surrounds.

  • Burswood Casino to Optus Stadium Perth where we installed 9,000m² of Zulu Kikuyu for new pathway batters

Kikuyu installation

One of many parks where Zulu Kikuyu has been supplied installed in Ellenbrook.

turf farm Perth

turf farm Perth

Contact us today

Call us on 9575 7520 or email us for assistance and advice. You can also order directly from the website on our orders page.

After sales support

We provide the most useful information we can to assist you both before and after your turf purchase. We hope that you continue to be a valued customer of West Coast Turf in the future.

Lawn Delivered within 36 hrs of Harvesting.

Lawn Delivered within 36 hrs of Harvesting.


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