Turf Installation Costs

We all want to make sure we don’t waste money. We all want value for our money. And many have had to consider the question ‘how much does a new lawn cost?’

Kikuyu lawn being Installed

Kikuyu lawn being Installed

What does Lawn installation cost? well the average price of installed turf is $28 per square metre but the price does depend greatly on the variety of lawn you choose and the area’s preparation needs. Overall, most new lawn projects will set you back around $18 – $34 per square metre.

For the lawn turf itself – without installation – the expected price to pay is $5.50-$14 per square metre. While, in an ideal world, we’d all use a landscaper to install our new lawn, it can be installed yourself (with a couple of mates) in order to keep costs down.

New turf lawn price example:

The difference in price between the cheapest lawn variety and the most expensive actually isn’t as wide as you might think. Let’s consider a 50 square metre area – basic Kikuyu will cost approx. $350 delivered while PBR Certified soft leaf Buffalo will cost approx. $700. The Main factors in determining your lawn Variety should be shade tolerance, salt tolerance (if your water source has a high salt content), maintenance requirements, and which lawn you prefer visually. Maintenance may also be a key factor, Kikuyu if looked after properly will require mowing once a week through summer where as Plateau couch can be mowed every two - three weeks and sometimes only once or twice over the winter months.

Lawn sand supplied and installed by West Coast Turf

Lawn sand supplied and installed by West Coast Turf

You have chosen your new lawn and you want someone to install it. Key factors determining price comes down to soil prep, access and soil variety used. Generally it is recommended that you remove 100mm below where the turf is to be installed then spread a “special lawn mix” from a reputable soil supplier. If you are working to a budget then a straight plasterers sand or Light lawn sand can be used instead. Working on 50 square meters of lawn requires you to have 5 cubic metres of Special lawn mix approx. $400 or Sand for approx. $200. If you go with the sand it is important that you fertilise regularly as the nutrients will flush through the profile much quicker then what it would though a specific lawn mix. You have good access and the site is reasonably square, then for a landscaper to come and install your new lawn and soil will take approximately 3/4 of a days work depending on how many workers he has, though you should expect to pay between $12-$22 per square metre. If you had to remove and dispose of the same amount of spoil then allow approximately the same price to remove it including tipping costs. Its important to note that if your existing soil is reasonably good and has had a lawn or garden growing in it prior then a simple top up of soil to improve levels and a good quality soil wetter and fertiliser is all you will need. In which case expect to pay between $4-$11 per square metre to have your new lawn installed.

A survey by Turf Australia showed that the average Australian expected to pay around $15 per square metre of lawn – with this and the true cost of turf in mind, laying turf to create an instant lawn is an extremely affordable landscaping option for your backyard. Even if you invest in a turf variety like PBR Certified Buffalo turf, it’s still an inexpensive choice.

To find out exactly how much your new lawn will cost and the options available to you just contact the team at West Coast Turf Today.

Lawn Installation Cost


for 50 metres square of lawn

  1. Old lawn/garden/soil removal @100mm $12-$19 per square metre

  2. Old lawn/garden/soil removal @50mm $6-$14 per square metre

  3. Quality Sand/Soil Supply and Installation @100mm $12-$22 per square metre

  4. Quality Sand/Soil Supply and Installation @50mm $12-$19 per square metre

  5. Supply Roll on Lawn 50 square metres $5.50-$14 per square metre

  6. Install Roll on Lawn 50 square metres $5.50-$8 per square metre

If the area has no soil to bring in and you only needed to level the area and apply a wetting agent and fertiliser, then it is possible that the total cost to supply and install your new lawn would be between $11-$22 per square metre. However to remove 5 cubic metres of spoil then supply and install 5 cubic metres of sand/soil and 50m of turf will cost between $35-$63 per meter square. Rarely does the price go above $40 per square metre and often depends on access for a bobcat.

Note: Prices are just an approximation should not be used as rough guide please contact West Coast Turf to receive a formal Quote