Buffalo Grass

West coast turf stocks one variety of buffalo grass. The turf is grown at our farm in Gingin Brook, approximately 1 hour out of Perth and is guaranteed Weed free. We are able to provide Buffalo Grass for both residential and commercial use with size ranging from 10m² to 100,000m² in shredded or roll on variety.

Neergabby Buffalo (ST15) $11 per square metre -

Neegabby Buffalo, Minimum order 10m2
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Neergabby Buffalo is a broad leaf Buffalo grass variety similar in appearance to the traditional buffalo but with a soft textured leaf. Neergabby has an outstanding Emerald green colour that is a true eye catcher. It performs well in full sun yet thrives in shaded areas where other lawns fail.

West Coast Turf's Neergabby Buffalo

Neergabby is good in heavy traffic areas as it recovers well from damage. Buffalo grass has high frost tolerance and it’s strong colour retention make for a good Winter performer. Neergabby Buffalo grass is a hardy, low maintenance lawn perfectly suited to home lawns and for commercial grass uses.


  • Non irritant

  • Low to medium invasiveness

  • Medium maintenance level

  • Moderate to good wear, recuperative and green-up rate

  • Excellent winter colour retention

  • Good disease and pest resistance

  • Requires minimum 4 hours direct sunlight daily

  • Propagated from stolons (runners) or turf rolls


Neergabby Soft Leaf Buffalo



Neergabby Buffalo grass should ideally be mown every 10-14 days at a height of approx. 15-20mm during summer and in winter mow every 3-5 weeks at a similar height.


Residential and commercial lawns where appearance and practicality is essential.

Neegabby Buffalo, Minimum order 10m2
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