Trenches boxed out and turf installed with roll on kikuyu

West Coast Turf regularly repairs trenches on turf playing surfaces, reducing the time the oval is out of action. Zulu Kikuyu is the preferred roll on lawn for Many Perth councils used for its consistent colour, hard wearing capabilities and fast recovery time.

Lawn installation at Ellenbrook parkland complete

The finished product- City dwellers use to joke about ‘preparing a packed lunch’ to venture to Ellen Brook😉! Now with park lands as lush as these, ‘the end of the freeway’ has never been more inviting… 4000m of our Zulu kikuyu turf installed with 3 days of hard labor later- plenty of space to enjoy those picnic lunches!!


Jumbo Roll Kikuyu Installation and supply for the City of Belmont at Miles Park

West Coast Turf are one of the few farms in W.A. able to Supply and install Jumbo Roll Kikuyu. With our Low Impact “Donkey Installer” We ensure that no wheel ruts are left on the new surface.

After major works were completed on sewage pipes at Miles Park West Coast Turf supplied 20m3 of USGA rated lawn sand from Carramar Resources to create a level free draining surface, then Supplied and installed 1200m2 of Jumbo roll “Zulu Kikuyu”.

Jumbo Roll Wintergreen Couch, Artificial Cricket Wicket Protection.

Natural Cricket Wicket Protection

offers you a safer more professional and aesthetically pleasing alternative to rubber mats and sanding.

The process starts by laying down high grade Builders Plastic which is tucked between the wicket and the grass. The builders plastic is then covered with lawn sand 30mm thick, which is then levelled a smoothed.

Once a smooth level surface is created the turf is then installed, each roll is harvested specifically to the length of the pitch. This reduces the number of cuts and allows for immediate use of the ground. Once installed the turf is then compacted with a 1.3m wide vibrating roller ensuring a smooth flush finish.