Commercial Turf Supply and Installation

 Perth Zoo lion enclosure

Perth Zoo lion enclosure

We supply and install turf for commercial use across Perth. We customise the turf to suit your needs and size requirements and can have the turf delivered the next day to your site.

Our professionally trained operators can prepare your site and will do the following:

  • Removal of old grass

  • Supply and Laser levelling of sand and soil

  • Rotary hoe and roll area

  • Any other site preparation that may be required

  • Professional and accredited installers able to install up to 4000m2 of roll on lawn per day.

West Coast Turf can supply and install either a 23 inch (58.4cm) wide roll suitable for most of your landscaping needs or a 1m wide roll designed especially for ovals that are designed to be played on just 24 hours after installation.

West Coast Turf exclusively does all of the turfing works within the City of Perth, City of Belmont and the City of Melville.

Records Show that West Coast Turf has been testing its turf for Sting nematode for decades, meaning  All of our turf comes certified Sting Nematode Free.

 Natural protection for artificial cricket wickets

Natural protection for artificial cricket wickets

Sports Turf

Natural Protection for Artificial Cricket Wickets

We regularly turf the wickets of City of Fremantle, City of Bayswater and the City of Melville.

Natural cricket wicket protection offers you a safer, more professional and aesthetically pleasing alternative to rubber mats and sanding.

The process starts by laying down high grade Builders Plastic which is tucked between the wicket and the grass which  is then covered with lawn sand 30mm thick, which is then levelled and smoothed.

Once a smooth level surface is created the turf is then installed, each roll is harvested specifically to the length of the pitch. This reduces the number of cuts and allows for immediate use of the ground. Once installed the turf is then compacted with a 1.3m wide vibrating roller ensuring a smooth flush finish.